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    Service Guide

    Crown Victoria machinery to customer demand as the center, "Urgency customers anxious, think customers want." All aspects to meet customer needs.

    1, pre-sale service:

    (1)Introduce company status, product technology;

    (2)Provide customers with construction technology consulting and analysis to explain difficult problems;

    (3)According to demand, guide the customer's choice of products.


    2、Sale of services:

    (1)Follow up the contract and be responsible for organizing various departments to review the contract;

    (2)The contract is unknown or need consultation between the two sides, responsible for giving;

    (3)According to the contract requirements, tracking production and delivery, as well as tracking the production of various external components;


    3、After-sales service:

    Customer service hotline:0595-22351855

    (1)From time to time tracking inspections during the warranty period, the implementation of dynamic management;

    (2)Warranty period is our product quality problems, is responsible for warranty replacement;

    (3)Responsible for the training of service personnel, so that the overall quality of service personnel continue to improve。